Mid Winter Blues Zone Round Saturday January 20 Rookie Tour (Option 3)

Tournament Date - January 20, 2018

Registration - 12:00 am Tournament Start - 11:59 pm

Tournament Location:

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COST:  $45.00

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This is one of 5 YBC Rookie Tour events open to all YBC Seniors Division players. Bowlers will compete against other Rookie Tour players and bowl alongside the Master Bowlers of Southern Ontario. YBC Players will compete in a POA format. Each zone, as designated by the MBAO, will hold a six (6) game qualifying round. Zones will advance bowlers male and female combined based on the number of entries as follows:

1-7 Entries:        one (1) POA
-14 Entries:     two (2) POA
15-19 Entries:   three (3) POA
-24 Entries:  four (4) POA
25-29 Entries:   five (5) POA

PROVINCIAL FINALS: Will be a five (5) game POA only event held on Sunday, February 18th, 2018, at Victoria Bowl, Kitchener. There will be a separate scratch pool  available for those who want to add a scratch component to their event. Winners will be determined by the top Man and Lady based on POA scores only

Dress Code:

The dress code for all YBC Rookie Players at this event will be the any YBC designated shirt or a golf shirt and black dress pants and/or black skirts/skorts/capris for the ladies. YOGA Pants are NOT ALLOWED at any MBAO event. Please refer to our full dress code page for more details.

  • Hounsome, Matthew
  • Shenton, Andrea