New Years Classic Rookie Tour – Saturday Only

Tournament Date - January 6, 2018

Registration - 12:00 pm Tournament Start - 12:30 pm

Tournament Location:

Sherwood Centre, 1095 Fennell Avenue East, Hamilton, Ontario, L8T 1S1

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Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

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Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

Tournament Information: -

COST:  $45.00 POA or Scratch Only or $65.00 Both (POA and Scratch)

This is one of 5 YBC Rookie Tour events open to all YBC Seniors Division players. Bowlers will compete against other Rookie Tour players and bowl alongside the Master Bowlers of Southern Ontario.
All bowlers will bowl six (6) games. YBC Players are allowed to compete in a POA format, a Scratch format or Both if they pay extra prize money. YBC Players may win cash prizes in only the category that they enter but are allowed to win both scratch and POA prizes if they have entered both events.

Dress Code:

The dress code for all YBC Rookie Players at this event will be the any YBC designated shirt or a golf shirt and black dress pants and/or black skirts/skorts/capris for the ladies. YOGA Pants are NOT ALLOWED at any MBAO event. Please refer to our full dress code page for more details.

Hotel Information:

Burlington Holiday Inn
3063 South Service Road
Burlington, Ontario L7N  3B9
Phone: (905) 639-4443

Toll Free: 1 (877) 654-0228

Rate: $109.00  + Tax for one (1) Queen bed, or $114.00  + Tax for two (2) Double beds
Group Code: Master Bowlers

Reservation Deadline:  December 15th, 2017

  • Baker, Brianna
  • Barrett, Emily
  • Bennett, Kaylen
  • Bes, Jakob
  • Brad Maurice, brad
  • Cameron, Hunter
  • Coombs-Ronaldson, Theresa
  • Cornejo, Mayeli
  • Couchman, Jarrett
  • Cox, Jenna
  • Crawford, Cameron
  • Dunn, Abbey
  • Feere, Shaun
  • Furlong, Dylan
  • Grewall, Samantha
  • Holmes, Matthew
  • Hounsome, Matthew
  • Hunt, Jason
  • Keenan, Kristin
  • Krafve, Chanzen
  • LaPrade, Austin
  • Leard, Austin
  • Leard, Jessica
  • Leard, Shane
  • Lloyd, Amy
  • Lloyd, Lindsay
  • MacIntyre, Trinity
  • Macdonald, Kayla
  • Matt Robins, Matthew
  • McIntyre, Hailey
  • Mcgraw, Talen
  • Pellow, Brandon
  • Richardson, Lindsay
  • Robins, Josh
  • Roque, Jordan
  • Rutherford, Patrick
  • Shenton, Andrea
  • Smuk, Matthew
  • Tamemoto, Jake
  • Titus, Avery
  • Toll, Tilson
  • Yardy, Tyler
  • blatherwick, john
  • ferris, jacob
  • pierides-froude, marina