2018 Spring Classic – Scratch Event

Tournament Date - April 14, 2018

Registration - 11:30 am Tournament Start - 12:00 pm

Tournament Location:

Orleans Bowling Centre, 885 Taylor Creek Drive, Orleans, Ontario, K1C 1T1

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Tournament Information: -

NOTE: Based on a decision made at the Tournament Players Workshop in 2017, anyone wishing to be eligible for the Tournament Division Aggregate must pay the full National Assessment of $85.00 by January 31st, 2018. All Tournament fees have been reduced by the National Assessment amount.

COST: Ladies – $110.00 Men – $135.00

This event is a mandatory event for all Ontario Tournament Division players, and is open to all Quebec Master Bowlers Association members.

All bowlers play an eight (8) game qualifying round followed by a Single or Double Paige Playdowns depending on entries.
Top bowlers for the men and the ladies after the eight (8) game qualifying will move onto the playdowns in separate divisions. There is four (4) bowlers per group. Bowler 1 and 2 will bowl each other and bowler 3 and 4 will bowl each other in a single game match. The loser of seed 3 and 4 will be eliminated.  Loser of seed 1 and 2 will then play against the winner of seed 3 and 4. Loser of this second match will be eliminated while the winner of the second match plays with winner of seed 1 and 2.  If this is the final paige grouping this match will be the championship match.

If more than one paige group exists for either the men and/or ladies, the two winners of each paige group will then play one final championship match against each other to determine the tournament winner.

Dress Code:

The dress code for all Master Bowlers at this event will be the MBAO golf shirt and black dress pants and/or black skirts/skorts/capris for the ladies. The MBAO Official Uniform Shirt is optional and is also allowed. Non members are required to wear a golf or bowling shirt and black dress pants. Please refer to our full dress code page for more details.

Hotel Information:

Quality Inn Orleans
3363 St. Joseph Blvd.
Orleans, Ontario K1C 1T1
(613) 834-3938

Rate:  $122.00 + Tax
Group Code:  3062618 Master Bowlers Tournament 2017

Reservation Deadline:   March 16th, 2018

  • Bester, Mike
  • Coad, Matt
  • Cooper, Nathan
  • Cripps, Krysten
  • Davidson-Thoms, Jason
  • Herbert, Christina
  • Laporte, Lindsay
  • Leonard, Matt
  • Llewellyn, Melissa
  • MacLean, Iain
  • McDougall, Robert
  • Rowland, Brad
  • Spruyt, Nicole
  • Stevens, Geoff
  • Torraville, Bobby
  • Villeneuve, Dj
  • Warrander, Charlotte
  • herbert, mik
  • houston, Matt