Special Olympics Ontario Invitational Doubles

Tournament Date - March 18, 2018

Registration - 9:00 am Tournament Start - 10:00 am

Tournament Location:

Sherwood Centre, 1095 Fennell Avenue East, Hamilton, Ontario, L8T 1S1

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COST: $75.00

Seventy-two (72) doubles teams (one (1) Master Bowler and one (1) Special Olympian) will bowl a four (4) game qualifying round. Teams will be listed in two (2) formats, one (1) with the Master Bowler bowling scratch and the Special Olympian bowling pins-over-average (POA), and the second listing teams on a POA Basis only. Following the qualifying round, the top twenty (20) teams receive prize money using the following method:

The top ten (10) teams listed in the Scratch Format and the top (10) teams listed in the POA format. Teams can only cash in one and will be awarded the highest standing position after the qualifying round. EXAMPLE If a team qualifies in 5th place on the Scratch Leader Board and 7th on the POA Leader Board, the team will be awarded 5th place prize money for the Scratch side and will not qualify on the POA side. Teams that are in the same position on both leader boards will be awarded the Scratch side of the event. The top two (2) teams on the Scratch side and the top two (2) teams on the POA side will play in a one (1) game match. Scratch side will play the Scratch/POA format while the POA side will play the POA format. Winner will advance to a one game final match using the POA format for all player.

Dress Code:

The dress code for all Master Bowlers at this event will be the MBAO golf shirt and black dress pants and/or skirts/skorts for the ladies. The MBAO Official Uniform Shirt is optional and is also allowed. Please refer to the official dress code for more details.

Hotel Information

Quality Inn Hamilton
49 Godrich Road
Hamilton, Ontario L8E 4W8
(905) 578-1212

Rate: $99.00 + Tax
Group Code: 3069203 Master Bowlers Association of Ontario

Reservation DeadlineFebruary 17, 2018

  • Akerley, Bekah
  • Anderson, Neil
  • Andic, Margaret
  • Asselin, Paul
  • Bellamy, Bill
  • Blake, John
  • Blake, Melissa
  • Bobo, Stephen
  • Chorney, Michael
  • Cole, PJ
  • Cooper, Larry
  • Corbet, Marianne
  • Cote, Tammy
  • Cripps, Krysten
  • Cronier, Kim
  • Croteau, Benoit
  • Croteau, Helene
  • Croteau, Marie-Pascale
  • Cunningham, Don
  • Delaney, Barbara
  • Dewitt, Adam
  • Dewitt, Nancy
  • Edwards, Victoria
  • English, Val
  • Forsyth, Courtney
  • Gallant, Jim
  • Gergely, Pam
  • Groombridge, Ken
  • Groombridge, Lisa
  • Groombridge, Ryan
  • Ham, Les
  • Ham, Peggy
  • Heeney, Walter
  • Hennigar, Mel
  • Herbert, Christina
  • Hole, Brinley
  • Hole, Brittany
  • Hole, Kendra
  • Iannandrea, Brianna
  • Jepson, Pat
  • Keech, Lisa
  • Kowalyk, Matt
  • Kulikowski, Ryan
  • Laycox, Candace
  • Laycox, Cody
  • Little, Terry
  • Macdonald, Rob
  • Martorino, Sharon
  • McDougall, Robert
  • Mercier, Myke
  • Mohammed, Dean
  • Mulvihill, Sheila
  • Murrell, Barb
  • Pankoff, Brenda
  • Patterson, Tom
  • Poole, Maureen
  • Saar, Katlyn
  • Shelson, Kelly
  • Smith, Al
  • Smith, Tracy
  • Snow, Kathy
  • Stockill, Bill
  • Tughan, George
  • Vanoverbeke, Charlene
  • Walters, Bob
  • Ward, Steve
  • Warrander, Charlotte
  • Whidden, Bruce
  • Wiken, Sue
  • Winger, Gord
  • lyttle, chris
  • mannetje, kelly